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About Us

The idea of making charpoys came to us after having found an old frame which we decided should be strung. This meant we needed to find someone with the required knowledge and skill of this ancient craft to show us how to string the charpoy. Our search led us to an elderly Sikh gentleman, who, as it happens lived in our hometown of Port Dickson, Malaysia.

The search continued. Firstly the correct cord, timbers, carpenters and finishers would be required in order for us to attempt to make our own charpoys. After much discussion about designs, sizes and finishes, we were now ready to proceed. Unsure as to what the reaction might be, we showcased our first collection to family and friends and the oohs and aahs were all we needed to continue making and designing charpoys.

Stringbedco continues to build on our reputation as makers of fine handcrafted charpoys.

If you would like to contact us or visit, Email us at contact@stringbedco.com or call +60196534175 or +60162673414 to make an appointment to view our charpoys.